Baklava – Pistachio Baklava

Baklava – Pistachio Baklava

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This Baklava – Pistachio Baklava is flaky, crisp, and tender and I love that it isn’t overly sweet. It’s basically a party in your mouth and I bet you can’t resist yourself. I am a huge fan of baklava and this is the BEST baklava recipe I have ever tried. Hands down.

Baklava - Pistachio Baklava


Baklava – Pistachio Baklava

Retailer-bought baklava has nothing on this and belief me, I’ve been across the block when looking for baklava. This baklava recipe is nicely beloved wherever it goes and it’s undoubtedly a reader and household favourite!

Baklava is a kind of desserts that has a fame for problem, however is definitely surprisingly straightforward to make. I think it’s because working with phyllo dough at all times appears difficult, however in case you observe a number of quite simple suggestions, it’s actually not — and the outcomes are irresistible. Learn on for the way to make a pan of sticky, candy, buttery, flaky, nutty baklava!

Baklava is a dessert of the Center East and Mediterranean, and it has quite a few variations relying on the nation of origin. Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Armenia, and lots of different international locations and areas all have a variation of this pastry, which is made with buttered layers of phyllo dough and floor nuts (often pistachio, walnuts, or almonds, or a mixture) and coated in a candy, usually honeyed, syrup. Different flavorings embody cinnamon, cloves, rose water, cardamon, clove, and orange rind.


For this recipe, I used a mix of walnuts and pistachios. I like this taste mixture and the beautiful inexperienced colour that the pistachios convey. For this identical purpose, I garnish my baklava with chopped pistachios, however you need to use walnuts as nicely.

The factor that almost all usually scares individuals away from making baklava is dealing with the tissue paper-like sheets of phyllo. It actually isn’t that troublesome, in case you bear in mind a number of easy suggestions.


Ideas for Working with Phyllo for Baklava – Pistachio Baklava

  • Defrost your phyllo dough within the fridge. The night time earlier than you’re going to make your baklava, put the bundle of phyllo dough within the fridge to defrost. Don’t attempt to use frozen phyllo — it can crack.
  • Unwrap it rigorously. The phyllo often comes rolled up in plastic and may unwrap simply. Go away from the bigger plastic sheet beneath it and attempt to unroll it within the place you can be utilizing it so that you gained’t have to manoeuvre it as soon as it’s laid out.
  • Cowl with a dampened tea towel. Dampen a cotton or linen tea towel and place it over the unrolled sheets. Essential: Ensure the towel is wrung out very nicely. If the towel is just too damp, it can gum up the sheets.
  • Hold it coated. All the time exchange the tea towel after you will have eliminated a sheet of phyllo from the stack.
  • Deal with gently. Be mild with the sheets of phyllo. Hold the stack close to your baking dish so that you don’t have to move it very far when you elevate a sheet off of the stack.
  • Rips and tears are OK. Phyllo dough rips simply, however that’s OK. You increase the number of layers of dough, so a rip or ragged edge right here and there can be tremendous, and sure hidden inside the baklava. Even when your final piece tears slightly, it can solely contribute to the country, many-layered look of the dish.
  • Trimming the phyllo. Phyllo is available in many sizes and a single sheet may not match into your baking pan. One possibility is to trim the phyllo to suit: Merely measure the within of your pan and, utilizing scissors, lower the entire stack to suit. I discover that scissors are simpler than a knife, which might pull and drag on the layers.
  • Trimming isn’t at all times crucial. Even when your sheets aren’t an ideal match to your pan, you may nonetheless use them with out trimming. Simply fold them over to suit, being certain that you simply stagger the folds so that you aren’t creating additional layers in a single place.
  • Don’t use a ton of butter. You shouldn’t coat every layer utterly with butter. Simply gently brush the butter on right here and there without masking each inch of the floor. Don’t press actually arduous otherwise, you’ll drag or tear the phyllo sheet.

Keep an eye on the Phyllo sheet

Chances are you’ll discover that the measurements for the nuts within the recipe beneath are given in weight, not quantity. It’s because the scale of the nuts can fluctuate wildly and due to this fact can actually screw up a quantity measurement. For instance, a cup of complete walnuts will weigh lower than a cup of walnut items just because you may match extra items in a cup.

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The opposite necessary factor is to ensure that you will have a really sharp knife. The baklava must be lower earlier than you bake it and recut once more after baking to make certain all of the items are separated. A pointy knife is essential. Many recipes name for as a lot as one pound of butter to make baklava. I discover that considerably surprising, as I’ve by no means wanted extra that half that quantity (two sticks) to make my baklava, and it at all times comes out flaky and buttery. It’s not essential to drench every layer of phyllo in butter. Drizzling and dotting the butter will distribute it sufficient.

Rosewater is a conventional flavoring for baklava. I didn’t embody it within the recipe beneath, however, it’s straightforward sufficient so as to add in case you get pleasure from its candy, floral fragrance. Alton Brown has a pleasant trick the place you set 1 teaspoon of rose water and 1/four cup of water in a spritz bottle after which use it to mist the nut layers earlier than beginning with the following phyllo layers.

Baklava Recipe

You will love the hint of lemony flavour which offsets the sweetness and compliments the cinnamon. It’s heavenly delicious.

Believe it or not this the first time I was having the baklava in my life. And I can guarantee you this is the best baklava recipe.

You can use a store-bought filo sheet or put some extra effort to make the sheets at home. And since I was making it for the first time in my life I thought of using the store-bought but I will definitely try making the phyllo sheets at home.

 Ingredients for Baklava – Pistachio Baklava

  • 1 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 pack of filo sheets
  • 200 grams of Mawa or khoya
  • 200 grams of crushed pistachios 

For step by step instructions do check out the video    


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