How to Decorate the cake with Chocolate Ganache

How to Decorate the cake with Chocolate Ganache

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How many times you wondered, while buying a cake, How to Decorate the cake with Chocolate Ganache, This cake is guaranteed to leave the one you love swooning and asking for more. Once you make this cake I promise you will never buy or look at another box cake mix the same.


How to Decorate the cake with Chocolate Ganache


It is wonderfully moist with a lovely rich chocolate flavor and easy to make. The ganache is best made with chocolate you would eat plain, whether you prefer dark chocolate or semi-sweet.

I find one of the biggest mistakes when making a ganache is using chocolate that you would not eat plain. It’s important to use good quality chocolate.

Allow ganache to cool for 1-2 hours or until thick enough to frost the cake with. (For a lighter ganache beat in mixer on medium speed with a whisk attachment until desired consistency is reached.

How to Decorate the cake with Chocolate Ganache


why is this cake so easy to make

When I was a teen, I had no idea how to cover a cake in ganache. More accurately, I had no idea how to even make the proper ganache, let alone apply it neatly to a cake, let alone get sharp edges on the cake. It took me a lot of time soaking up how other people worked with ganache, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time before I figured out how to make all of that information work for me.

It never occurred to me during that time that one day I might actually kind of know what I was talking about, to tell other people how to do it.

For you!

I decided that for my cake tutorials here on the blog I would try using compound chocolate, for convenience, and because it’s cheaper and I was going through a lot of it. And happily enough, I discovered that the compound chocolate ganache didn’t split as my usual ganache did. The oil used in compound chocolate is far less temperamental than the cocoa butter used in ‘real’ chocolate. Unfortunately, the compound chocolate doesn’t tend to taste that great, and everything I make for the blog gets eaten in our house.

How to make Dark chocolate Ganache?

Ganache That’s Shiny, Creamy And irresistible taste! Learn How To Make The Best Chocolate Ganache – Dark Chocolate Ganache. It is a baking staple! It’s used for everything from making drips for cakes, creamy frostings for cupcakes, frostings, fillings and chocolate glazes.

Long story short: when end result is yummy, you don’t need to bother about anything.

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