Chocolate Truffle Cake

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Chocolate truffle cake is a rich chocolate cake loaded with lot of chocolate. You may also this cake death by Chocolate cake because the base of this cake is chocolate sponge and the truffle I used is full of Chocolate. I like the texture and taste of the Truffle of this recipe. I always wondered how these bakery people make this thick layer of truffle on the cake with such crisp piping desigs. And the reason behind this discovery was also my son. Who loves only chocolate cake and nothing else, which I thont is pretty common among kids.

I came across the rich truffle when I visited a bakery supply store iny city (Hyderabad) to buy some raw material because my friend had ordered a huge 3 kgs chocolate cake for orphanage kids. And wanted to decorate the cake with chocolate glaze but to my fortune chocolate glaze was out of stock and I had to buy this traffic base. They boy at the shop convinced me to buy by saying you will definitely like it etc.  And to my surprise I actually liked it. And my friend told that she actuy loved it. Then I thoight of making calls video.


I found this truffle base easy and hazzel free. Because you really don’t have to worry about the weather conditions, how much chocolate or cream you need to add to make a oerperf truffle. I just followed the
instructions given on the pack. Trust me of you find this truffle base around you then I would say just go it it. This comes in a 2 kgs carton box. And for 1 kg you will need 1 cup of truffle and 1 cup chocolate. Let’s quickly check out the video to understand more

I hope you got an idea of the richs truffle base. Now let’s list out the ingredients we need for the chocolate cake with Truffle


250 grams dark chocolate
1 cup rich truffle base
125 grams eggless Chocolate I premix
1/3 cup Water
1 tablespoon of oil
1/2 cup water
5 tablespoon of sugar

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    1. Add 1 cup of truffle base in a sauce pan and let it come to boil
    2. Once the truffTr starts boiling add chopped chocolate to it and mix well
    3. Make sure there are no lumps. You may refer to the rich truffle base pack for more information
    4. Now let the triffTr sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours
    5. Mean while make the sugar syrup and cake
    6. After 12 hours you can decorate the the cake as desired

You may check out the video for more instructions

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