Best Chocolate Ganache – Dark Chocolate Ganache

Best Chocolate Ganache – Dark Chocolate Ganache

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Ganache That’s Shiny, Creamy And irresistible taste! Learn How To Make The Best Chocolate Ganache – Dark Chocolate Ganache. It is a baking staple! It’s used for everything from making drips for cakes, creamy frostings for cupcakes, frostings, fillings and chocolate glazes.


Dark Chocolate Ganache


Chocolate ganache is a basic pastry component utilized for a wide variety of uses. Learn the process of how to make ganache, the standard ganache ratios, and how to use it for truffles, cake filling, frosting, and glazes.     The combination of cream and chocolate creates a very rich and intensely chocolate mixture. A basic ganache mixture can also be flavored in a variety of ways. The cream can be steeped with herbs or spices, and extracts can be added into the final mixture.  

When you have this ganache recipe handy , you can play around with lot of designs using this dark chocolate ganache recipe, to decorate your cake. And people go wow. Who does not like praises 🙂

Dark Ganache


 Is there anything better than chocolate? No, really. If there is, please inform me immediately because I cannot fathom anything that surpasses the instant bliss and sheer ecstasy that accompanies the sweet, sweet moment a piece of chocolate melts in your mouth.

So THIS recipe is a must-have for any self-described chocolate Ganache recipe. Chocolate ganache can be used as a base for almost any chocolate dessert you can think of: truffles, torts, frosting, hot chocolate, cake, the list goes on. Add it as a topping to your favorite desserts, stir a spoonful into your morning coffee,  or dip some fruit (or maybe your finger?) in its warm chocolatey goodness and feel the stress melt away!

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I never thought I will make a video for ganache recipe, unless I received so many requests from my Youtube Viewers. I came up with this recipe, with lot of trial and error, because I wanted to give best to my viewers.

Ingredients for Dark Chocolate Ganache

  • 400 grams dark chocolate, you can use compound or the actual Chocolate
  • 200 grams of fresh cream, I used Amul fresh cream

I found this recipe perfect for frosting. I will soon update the cake frosted with this ganache.

Trouble shooting Ganache

while making the perfect consistency ganache can be tricky. A little extra cream can ruin your entire ganache. You can make your ganache little thin when you are planning to, drizzle it over the cake, but when you planing to frost it, you definitely want a perfect spreadable ganache. Ganache can also become too thin if you use a different kind of milk rather than heavy cream. Heavy cream has the perfect amount of fat and liquid for ganache while whole milk, for example, is too watery and this will reflect in the ganache texture.

Video to make Chocolate Ganache 


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