2 Ingredients Mirror Glaze

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2 ingredients Mirror glaze cakes are food for the eyes. These glazes make your cake look more pretty.. Mirror glaze cake are trending all over the internet. Then why wait? Let’s try these 2 ingredients mirror glaze.

TROUBLESHOOTING with Chocolate mirror glaze – MY TIPS

  • My glaze is too thick, so it won’t pour – You need the vegetarian mirror glaze to be at pouring consistency. So before you attempt to pour, take a spoon and check consistency – if it’s not pouring, add a few tablespoons of water. Be careful when adding water as you cannot make it thicker once you’ve diluted it.
  • My glaze is too thin – if you have not boiled the mixture enough when preparing the mirror glaze, it will be too runny, resulting in a very thin coverage. I suggest placing the glaze for 3 to 5 minutes in the fridge. The glaze will help thicken it up a bit – then try again.
  • My glaze does not stick to the cake – it just slips off? Condensation on the cake can cause the glaze to slide off the cake rather than stick to it. If the cake is frozen, wipe off any excess moisture from the cake and then try again. If you live in a place with high humidity, I highly recommend glazing immediately as soon as the cake is out of the freezer before it has had time to condense. Additionally, setting the air conditioner to high for those few minutes might help as well.
  • My cake started to melt as soon as I started to glaze it – The glaze needs to be room temperature. If you use hot or warm glaze, it will melt the frozen cake easily, causing the cake to have a melt.
2 Ingredients Mirror Glaze -Glaze without Gelatin

Many people asked to show a glaze without using gelatin. I experimented a lot and came up with this surprisingly easy method to make the glaze free from gelatin, agar-agar, condensed milk, etc. You need 2 essential ingredients to make this simple amazing glaze. That is chocolate and water. 

Questions on Chocolate Glaze?

You might be having a question in your mind right now, how can I use or add water to chocolate directly. We always heard that add water to chocolate will seize the chocolate and you won’t be able to use it for anything. That is not right. Here’s the proof. You make the stunning shinny glaze with just water and Chocolate. 

What is important in 2 ingredients mirror glaze?

One most important thing to keep in mind while making these 2 ingredients Chocolate glaze is that you have to add water a little at a time. Do not add all the water at once. You will neither get the shine, nor will you have that consistency. Add hot water and not warm water. Keep mixing while you add little water at a time. You can store this glaze in the fridge and reuse it. You need to warm it in a double boiler or microwave.

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Easy shinny Chocolate Mirror Glaze using Powder Gelatin (How to make mirror glaze)

No Gelatin Chocolate Mirror Glaze:

Mirror glaze gets its unique reflective quality on cakes or desserts. For a mirror glaze to work its magic and properly harden, it must be poured while warm (around 90°F) onto a smooth, cold, or room temperature surface. That means that all components of a mirror cake are usually prepared and cooled ahead of time.

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Ingredients to make 2 ingredients glaze

100 grams of compound chocolate

150 ml water hot water ( again it depends on the consistency)

Check out the video for step by step instructions to make the No Gelatin, No Agar agar mirror glaze recipe

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