Ready to make Kalakand Mix

Ready to make Kalakand Mix

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Ready to make Kalakand Mix

Kalakand is a deliciously, rich sweet dish that is a staple in Indian homes, especially during festivals or poojas. particularly in the North. The texture and taste of this homemade  Ready to make Kalakand Mix recipe is very just the one you get in the sweet shops and is very easy to make at home as well. 

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How many of you agree that making Kalakand is a tiring task because it not only takes all your time but also need lot of strength to keep stirring the huge amount of milk, to get the right texture and so that it doesn’t burn at the bottom. With this ready to make Kalakand Mix you can not only save time but also lot of energy.  We often tend to buy sweets from sweet shop thinking we don’t have time to make, but not anymore. You can make this Kalakand Mix a head of time and make your favorite Kalakand in just few minutes. I am sure you will not be buying the Kalakand anymore from sweet shop rather make it at home.

History of kalakand?

An Indian milk dessert is made with full-fat milk, sugar, and cardamom powder, which is then decorated with sliced pistachios and edible silver paper. This 3 ingredient sweet is popular in the Indian sweet shops.

It is said that kalakand was invented in 1947 by a sweet maker named Baba Thakur Das. Since he was residing in Alwar, a city in Rajasthan, this sweet is known as Alwar kalakand, which is actually brown in color and is sometimes also called as Ajmeeri kalakand.

Making the original kalakand takes a lot of time and effort. As one needs to stir the milk continuously to avoid burning the milk at the bottom. of arm work as it requires continuous stirring. This lengthy process of reducing the milk to form the solids refrains most people from making this at home.

My kalakand premix recipe is an instant hit always and uses only basic ingredients. It gives the perfect color and texture which the milk kalakand is available in sweet shops.

In the traditional recipe, a small quantity of acidic ingredients like alum or citric acid is added to achieve a grainy texture. Therefore I added a little amount of citric acid to the premix, to get the perfect taste and texture. 

Why Ready to make Kalakand Mix?

I came up with this ready to make Kalakand Mix after I made Bakery Style cake premix, chocolate sponge premix, vanilla sponge cake premix, red velvet cake premix and chocolate brownie premix recipe. Many people started asking me to share sweets and breakfast premises, I did not know how to start with I did pretty good research and after many trials and errors I came up with this amazing ready to make Kalakand premix recipe. Which gives the right texture and tastes like the original Kalakand. I added little citric acid to the ready to make Kalakand premix to get the grant like texture but this was not the first choice though, I used curd, lemon juice, vinegar but nothing gave me the texture or taste which I got from citric acid, hence citric acid is one crucial ingredient in this recipe.

Wasn’t that really easy to make ready to make Kalakand premix recipe? And I am sure you would love to it a try at least once to know whether this really gives you that taste and texture of the actual Kalakand. Let’s quickly check out the ingredients you will need to make this ready to make Kalakand premix.

Ingredients to make the Ready to make Kalakand Mix

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Instructions to make kalakand premix

  1. Peel and make fine powder out of cardamom pods
  2. Take a large mixing bowl and add milk powder to it
  3. Next add sugar, cream of tartar and citric acid
  4. Finally add cardamom powder to the mixture and mix well
  5. Ready to make Kalakand Mix is ready

Kalakan premix

I hope you found these ingredients simple. As mentioned in the video you can omit the cream of tartar but if you can find it order from Amazon it would be great. Adding cream of taste gives the kalalKal rich texting. Let’s now make the Kalakand using the ready to make kalakand mix

Ingredients instant kalakand with premix

  • 1 cup Kalakand Mix
  • 250 ml of milk or 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoon ghee
  • Pistachios or any dry fruits of your choice

Instructions to make Kalakand

  1. In a pan add milk and ghee and bring it to a boil
  2. Add Kalakand Mix to the mix and stir continuously 
  3. After about 5 minutes you see the milk starts coming together and take shape of Kalakand
  4. Add pistachios to the Kalakand 
  5. Pour the kalakand into a greased pan and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes
  6. After 15 minutes cut into bite-size pieces and serve 

How to store Kalakand?

you can store kalakand at room temperature for 24 hours and in a refrigerator up to 3-4 days max.

Step by step recipe video of Ready to make Kalakand mix

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