Eggless Chocolate Cake Premix

Eggless Chocolate Cake Premix

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Need a Chocolate cake mix but don’t want to run to the store? Check out this simple Homemade Eggless Chocolate Cake Premix.  Life is all about transitions, right? We grow and learn and make better choices when we know better. At least, that’s the hope. While I will not ever judge someone for choosing a store bought mix, I am finding that baking from scratch is something that has become more and more important for healthy baking. When I made this cake even I was shocked at how good it was. So moist. So rich. So perfect. This is the best homemade chocolate mix I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. So why wait let’s quickly check out the ingredients for the eggless Chocolate Cake Premix recipe


1+1/2 cups all purpose flour/maida 1 Cup Sugar 3tbsp of coco powder 1tsp of baking soda Pinch of salt 1/2tsp of vanilla powder

For step by step instructions do check out the video

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  1. Archana

    What will be the exact weight of sugar & maida in grams

  2. Unknown

    Hi. I hv tried this receipe. Taste is good but cake has gone down from mid section after cooling down. Plz tell me why this has happened?? Thanks.

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