Momos chutney

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All age group of people like momos, I feel momos taste best during winter may be because it is served hot. Momos ate basically dumplings with the stuffing inside. You use any kind of stuff the momos either with some finely chopped vegetables sauteed in galrlic and other things of you can use any kind of meat which is again sauteed in garlic and other things. Momos are staple food of South Asian natives like Tibet, Bhutan,Nepal and also North Indian regions like Ladakh, north east Indian regions like Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and other regions.

Momos have different names in different countries, like India we call momos, in other countries some call like dumplings, boazi, jiaozi in China and Japan. And to our surprise they are all made using Indian spices or influenced with Indian spices. I love Momos and momos become more special when you pair it up with it’s chutney or sauce.  I love the spicy momo chutney along with my momos, the spices in the momos chutney takes the momos to the next level and wanting it for more. You might want to check out the video first to know what goes in the spic,Inger licking momos chutney.

Let us quick check out the ingredients for our moms chutney. You simply doue the ingredients to double the quantity of the chutney


5-6 red dry chilies 2 tomato’s 5-6 garlic pods 1/2 tsp back pepper powder 2 TBS sugar Salt as per you taste

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Step by step instructions to make spicy momos chutney


  1. Make 4 Slit on the tomatoes and also make sure you remove the head of tomatoes
  2.  Put around 2 cups of water in the tomatoes and boil it for about 10 minutes or till the tomatoes are cooked well
  3.  Remove the heads of dry red chillies and put in a bowl
  4. Now add about 1+1/2 cups of boiling water and soak it for about half and hour
  5. Take a mixer and add boiled tomatoes, soaked red chillies, garlic pods, sugar,salt and black pepper powder
  6. Now grind everything to a fine paste
  7. Delicious moms chutney is ready to be served with hot momos
  • As mentioned earlier you can increase the quantity of any ingredients or double the quantity of chitnet
  • You can keep this chitnchin fridge for about 2 weeks in fridge
  • You can also add some herbs of your choice if you want
  • You can also use vinegar to give an extra touch of sourness to the chutney

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