Methi Paratha

Methi Paratha

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Methi Paratha or Fenugreek Leaves Paratha is an Indian bread or roti; the wheat flour is kneaded with freshly chopped methi leaves after which rolled and cooked. Here is find out how you can make delicious methi paratha.


About This Recipe

Methi, which is widely known as fenugreek leaves, is leafy greens that can be only obtainable in Indian native markets. They’re in season throughout winters and holds plenty of diet benefits.

Methi Paratha is a straightforward and gentle Indian flatbread that could be very in style in North Indian households. They’re also popularly known as ‘Theplas’ in Gujarat, a should result in all of the Gujarati households.

Like Maharashtrian Masala Roti, Methi Parathas are served both for breakfast or on regular basis meals and easy Curries.

The Paratha’s dough is also flavored with an array of spices that make it even tastier together with the methi.

There are two methods to make this Methi Paratha. Right here, I’ve combined the fenugreek leaves with the entire wheat flour, and however, for those who like stuffed parathas, you may make a separate methi combination and stuff into the parathas too.

If you make stuffed parathas, you’re going to get a little thick parathas compared to the non-stuffed ones.

You can also add just a little besan when cooking the methi for stuffing, and it makes the parathas much more tasty and crisp.

These Methi Paratha are an excellent way to incorporate methi in your child’s food plan. They’re also an incredible lunch field possibility as your child can roll them and luxuriate in them without any problems.

Methi Paratha can be excellent to pack for long journeys, as they stay fresh for an extended time, even at room temperature.


These Methi Paratha are,

  • Nutritious
  • Vegan
  • Straightforward
  • A lot of Iron
  • Yummy
  • Good for breakfast
  • Apt to pack in your Lunch Field
  • Apt for Journey



Methi – Wealthy in Iron, you will need to embody it in your regular meals. These Parathas are additionally an excellent way to incorporate in your meals once you don’t just like the bitter style of the identical.

Wash, clean, and pat dry the methi earlier than chopping it to use within the dough.


Wheat Flour – To make the dough, we will use only wheat flour when other ingredients are combined to enhance the taste of the parthas.

You can add in just a little Besan because it provides a pleasant texture and makes the paratha crisper.


Other Items – This dough is flavored with daily elements similar to carom seeds, cumin seeds, chili powder, ginger, garlic, and salt.

Carom seeds and cumin seeds add a pleasant distinctive taste within the parathas and help with digestion. You may regulate the quantity of pink chili powder as per your style.


Vegetable Oil – ghee is used to pan fry the Parathas; however, you may even use Oil or a combination of Oil and ghee to fry your Parathas and make them crisp.

You should utilize any vegetable oil and even olive Oil to make these yummy skinny Parathas.


Step By Step Recipe

Add Chopped methi leaves, salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger, garlic paste, cumin powder, Curd, and a couple of tbsp ghee in a bowl.

methi paratha

Kepp the mixutre apart for 10 minutes. Methi will go away water at this time.

Methi pratha mixture

Add wheat atta add some extra water and knead to make a soft dough.

PAratha dough

Knead the dough and store it aside for 10 minutes.

set aside the paratha dough

Divide the dough into eight equal balls. Roll a ball to make a four-inch circle.

kneading pratha dough

Apply little Oil on the circle and fold once more to make a ball.

Parata dough balls

And roll the circle to make a 5-6 inch paratha.

rolling the paratha

Hot griddle. As soon as the griddle is hot, switch the Paratha on the hot griddle and cook parathas until spots seem to settle. Flip and cook the other side till brown spots appear on the opposite part as wholly. Apply little Oil on each of the perimeters and prepare dinner till the get-together is browned and crispy.

Maintain urgent, whereas cooking. Serve to scorch.


Health Benefits of Methi

Since my childhood, I’ve been known that methi is extraordinarily good for our well-being. I’ve at all times loved consuming this green leafy vegetable in my meals.

Due to this fact, I guarantee that my family eats this green leafy vegetable because it has plenty of health advantages and is rich for our overall health.

A few of the advantages are,

  • This can be very good on your tummy and also helps in digestion. Additionally helps to deal with your menstrual cramps naturally. It soothes muscle aches and reduces fever too.
  • It maintains your liver and kidney health. Also, suitable for diabetic individuals because it keeps your blood sugar limits and controls blood glucose.
  • Methi ought to be consumed by new moms because it stimulates their milk manufacturing. However, at all times, seek the advice of your medical doctors concerning the amount earlier than consuming it because it might need its uncomfortable side effects too.
  • It’s stated that Methi leaves are perfect for pores and skin associated issues. It has anti-inflammatory properties that assist gentle pores and skin irritation or accidents. 


Often Inquired Questions

How do you wash methi?

Washing Methi is an easy task, of course!

You should separate the leaves from the stems and soak them in a bowl of saltwater for about 10 to 15 minutes.

This soaking course is done to take away the bitter taste in the leaves. However, for those who don’t like the bitter style, you should use them as it’s.

Wash them on three to four occasions to take away the dust and pat dry them utilizing a kitchen towel earlier than using in your recipe.

All the time, chop the methi leaves after washing them thoroughly to protect the vitamins in them.

Storing Methi Leaves for a more extended period?

There are days we purchase an entire bunch of methi leaves from the market; however, find yourself utilizing solely just a little of it.

Due to this fact, the leftover methi so stays contemporary until the following use.

A technique is to wrap up the leaves in a newspaper/absorbent paper/aluminum foil and preserve them within the fridge. It’ll keep contemporary for about three to four days.

However, if you wish to preserve it well for about 15 days, you may prepare feast the methi leaves in just a little oil and store them in a tight container within the freezer.

Are Methi Paratha wholesome?

They are often thought-about wholesome as they’re ready primarily with complete wheat flour and many methi leaves. However, as they’re pan-fried, they take just a little seat again in the case of very wholesome.

If you’re making these Parathas, I’ll counsel you to prepare dinner them in just a little desi ghee. You may have them now and again attributable to its different nutritious properties.


Serving Solutions

Methi Paratha tastes lovely together with yogurt,

You may even serve it alongside your favorite pickle or chutney. I prefer to do it with Momos Chutney, as it spicy and goes well with parathas.

As it is incredibly skinny and gentle in contrast to different stuffed Parathas, it tastes nice together with a sabzi of your choice.


Storage cooked parathas

These Methi Paratha have a shelve life, and due to this fact, it can be kept for two days even at room temperature. Due to this fact, they’re considered as splendid on your long trips too.

You can also store them within the fridge for about four to five days in an airtight container. Reheat them on Tawa accurately before serving.

Methi Paratha freezes effectively! Allow them to cool down after cooking, after which place them in ziplock freezer bags with parchment paper between every Paratha so that they don’t stick to one another.



For stuffed Methi Paratha, add in just a little roasted gram flour within the methi combination makes Paratha flaky and crispy.

You may even add boiled Potatoes or grated Paneer within the Methi combination if you are making Stuffed Parathas to make it extra filling.

You may grate any greens equivalent to Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Carrot, and so on and add to the stuffing.


Expert Advice By Neetu

You may add in just a little yogurt to whereas making the dough. It’s going to make the Methi Paratha gentle, but this is optional. However, then the shelf life of those Parathas will lower to a day or two when refrigerated.

Pluck the methi leaves and store correctly in a tight container so that it turns out to be useful when you need to make these Parathas.

Roll them skinny, and they style excellent that way. If you need thick parathas, you may stuff the methi within the dough as an alternative to kneading it with the dough.

Methi or Fenugreek Leaves are inclined to lose water, so ensure you use much less water to make the dough.

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