Chicken Angara

Chicken Angara

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Restaurant style Chicken Angara is a spicy chicken curry made using simple ingredients. Try its recipe right here!

Who can say no to spicy chicken curry with smoky flavor?

Well, I definitely can’t, and this Chicken Angara is one such recipe which could be very well-liked at dwelling and likewise, I recieve several compliments each time I make it for my family and friends.

The smoky flavour of the chicken, the gravy with fried onions and cashew and that slight trace of garam masala, the flavours of this curry could make anybody hungry.

Chicken Angara

You do not need special equipment to incorporate the smoky flavour in the chicken. You need some charcoal, and I will share the tips with you!

It’s also possible to discover this dish in many of the North Indian eating places.

So if you’d like a restaurant style Chicken Angara, you don’t have to go to a restaurant.

Comply with the recipe and make it in your kitchen and luxuriate in it on the comfort of your personal home.

Subsequently, get all of the substances prepared and make this curry this weekend and luxuriate in each chew of it along with your family and friends.

What’s Angara Chicken?



Juicy chicken pieces in a rich mixture of onion and cashew-based mostly gravy, it is a North Indian curry that requires regular or basic ingredients that are already accessible in your pantry.

This chicken gravy is smoked on the finish to deliver out that rustic flavour, which makes this curry much more irresistible.

The spices play a vital role in this curry.

Onions, Cashew, ginger garlic paste, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric, garam masala powder and tomatoes is cooked and ground to a fine paste to make the thick gravy.


The contemporary do-it-yourself masala at all times has a distant flavour due to the freshly fried seasonings, and thus it at all times brings a way of freshness within the curries.

You should be questioning why it’s known as Chicken Angara?

Properly, Angara is a Hindi term used for coal, and this curry is smoked with charcoal.

Charcoal is heated on direct flame till it’s red sizzling.

As soon as it’s sizzling, add it in a bowl and keep it in the chicken curry.

Drizzle one teaspoon ghee on the head of the charcoal and instantly close the lid of the pan.

Let the curry take in the smoke for Three to Four minutes.

Take away the coal bowl, and you will note that the curry could have a wonderful smoky flavour.

Ingredients for Chicken Angara:

Serving Suggestions:

This curry tastes most significant with Vegetable Pulao.

It provides a wonderful smoky aroma and style when combined with the tender, fragrant Pulao rice.

You may serve it with any Indian bread too resembling Rumali Roti, Tandoori Roti, Tawa Paratha, Lachha Paratha, Missi Roti, Naan or even with Jowar roti or any another Indian bread that you wish to serve it with.

It’s also possible to serve it together with Steamed Rice, Jeera Rice or Pyaaz Pulao.

I prefer to serve some Lacchedar Pyaaz on the aspect with a touch of lemon juice.

Step by Step Recipe

Add oil to the pan and add onions and cashew and fry till they turn a little brown.

Chicken Angara

Next add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, dhaniya powder and fry for a minute

Chicken Masala

Now add tomatoes and close the lid, let the tomatoes get mushy. You may add a couple of tablespoons of water if you see the mixture is getting burnt at the bottom. 

Chicken Gravy

Once tomatoes become mushy, switch off the flame and allow the mixture to cool down. once cooled down grin it to a fine paste and keep aside

Chicken Angara masala paste

Now marinate the chicken with salt, turmeric, ginger. garlic paste and red chilli powder  

Chicken marination

Heat oil in a pan or kadai and add the chicken.

Cook the chicken for 10 minutes or till the water in the chicken is reduced.

cooked chicken

Now heat oil in the pan, add chopped onions and capcicum, cook for 5 minutes and add the prepared thick paste and cook for 5 minutes. 

Chicken Angara

Next, add the cooked chicken to the gravy and cook till the chicken is cooked thoroughly. You can add a half cup of water if you think gravy is too thick and sticking at the bottom of the pan. 

Chicken Angara preperation

Finally garnish with Kasuri methi and chopped coriander

KAsuri methi

For Smoky Flavor:

Smoky taste

Heat charcoal on direct flame till it’s red sizzling. Hold a small bowl within the centre of the pan and keep the charcoal within the bowl—drizzle 1 tsp ghee on the head of the charcoal and instantly cover the lid of the pan. Let the curry take in the smoke for Three-Four minutes. Garnish with contemporary coriander and serve sizzling.

Angar Effect

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