Chocolate Cake Using Cake Gel (Cake Emulsifier)

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Chocolate Cake Using Cake Gel (Cake Emulsifier)

Chocolate cake recipe with cake gel or emulsifier, because this gives me the perfect base to my cake. You can see that it gives the flat top on the cake as well. This recipe is used by bakeries in India, I am mentioning about India only because I am not sure if cake gel or cake emulsifier is used in other countries as well. When I am baking a cake with eggs then I use a little emulsifier to make the sponge a perfect one. There are thousands of different recipes, around the internet for chocolate cake. But when you actually bake the cake you know which is the best recipe that you can bookmark and get the best results every time you bake. I can bet you, once you make this cake you will surely bookmark this recipe.


What is Cake Gel?

It’s a kind of emulsifier that is generally used for baking uses. Emulsifiers may be discovered within nature, which possesses the power to enhance provisions system stability. It’s versatile technical elements help food quality attain the specified specs, thus lowering customers’ false impression about lousy quality.

Many individuals are acquainted with the phrase Ovalette, whereas some use the period “SP” for cake gels; in Inexperienced Home, we identify it as Fast Gel. Anyhow, Ovalette, SP, Fast gels, or cake gels are principally emulsifiers that might be used for cake productions and serve identical operations. Some exist in yellow color, whereas some exist in white color. The distinction might be different grades or to distinguish amongst manufacturers.


Foaming :

It is one of the emulsifier’s talents; when water is stirred with the emulsifier added, the agitation’s foam is coated by the emulsifier, making the bubbles much less responsive bursting. The addition of an emulsifier permits course that requires extra aeration to foam, stabilizing the froth, offering a batter with clean texture and an expanded quantity.

An improvement in quantity is typically essential for aerated meals. For example, cake gels are natural ingredients present in cake manufacturing, which performs a significant function in growing the amount by easy-foaming, incorporates and stabilizes the air bubbles within the batter, yielding truffles with a tender and lightweight texture. The ingredient is often used to make sponge truffles or being added in premixes to attain easy-to-foam batter with a significant quantity.



How Cake gel works?

When oil and water are put collectively, you’ll see a transparent separation between the two. When the combination is being shaken vigorously, a dispersion of droplets of oil and water could be seen. However, it’s going to ultimately, irrespective of how. Emulsifiers have the power to preserve the oil and water collectively. The emulsified combination, such as sauces and mayonnaise, will stay clean and creamy without water being expelled from the food system. This results in emulsifiers’ water-holing capacity, whereby it could retain moisture in meal techniques, bettering the general mouthfeel and texture of the truffles.


The way to Use it?

Cake gels are extraordinarily simple to make use of. All you must do is observe the directions on the packaging. For Inexperienced bakers cake gels, the quantity to make truffles is 5% of the whole weight of the eggs within the recipe. Add it in and beat along with the eggs because it encourages foaming, enhances the pure foaming capabilities of eggs, particularly the egg whites. Thus, cake gels can scale back the eggs used by substituting a sure proportion of eggs with small quantities of cake gels to attain identical batter quantity.

The usage of cake gels is price efficient, particularly in mass manufacturing; the place eggs contribute to excessive costings. Apart from that, the emulsifiers help standardize the truffles’ standard, guaranteeing each batch’s consistency. Inexperienced Home Ingredient has been serving many large and small corporations with our personal manufactured Fast Gel, and this has confirmed that the standard of our Fast Gels are assured.


Chocolate cake using cake gel

You will not only improve the texture of the but it also improves the shelf life of the cake. This one of the most improver feature why bakeries use cake gel or emulsifier in cakes. Many of you might be having which brand of cake gel you should use or is best. All cake gels or emulsifiers that are available in the market are good enough, a bit before you buy check the manufacturing date, as cake gels should be used within one year.

Make cake using cake gel or cake emulsifier is very simple. I always prefer to use a weighing scale when I’m making a spings cake using Cake gel or emulsifier, because I need to measure all the ingredients in grams, including the cake gel. And doing this with the cups of spoons would be little difficult I feel.  So let’s first check out the ingredients that we need to make the chocolate cake using the cake gel or emulsifier.


It is so simple, isn’t?

Here is the list of ingredients you need to make this chocolate cake using cake gel or Emulsifier



100 grams flour or maida
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
100 grams of sugar
1 tablespoon Cocoa powder
3 tablespoon oil
2 eggs
4 grams of cake gel or emulsifier
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder


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Step by step instructions to make a chocolate cake using cake gel or emulsifier

Chocolate Cake


  1. In a large mixing bowl take sugar and add cake gel or emulsifier
  2. Add 1 egg to the sugar and whisk for about 3 minutes or till you see the volume of sugar and mixture has doubled
  3. Next, add the second egg and vanilla essence and whisk again for about 3 minutes
  4. Now add salt, baking powder, cocoa powder and flour to the egg mixture
  5. Use a spatula to combine both wet and dry ingredients
  6. Whisk the flour and egg mixture for one more minute
  7. Next, add the oil and mix well
  8. Pour the batter in a greased and lined baking pan
  9. Bake @ preheated 180 degrees Celsius for about 25-30 minutes or till it’s done


  • Make sure eggs are at room temperature
  • Do not over mix the batter after adding oil
  • Make sure you whisk for 3 minutes or more while adding each egg

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