Coconut Pound Cake

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Coconut pound cake is dedicated to all the people who love coconut, because this Coconut pound cake is loaded with lots and lots of coconut in it. I never thought this cake would come out so good, thinking if I put Coconut or bake something with coconut it will become brown and the oil from coconut might come out. But to my surprise nothing like that happened and it in turn came out very good.

The ingredients required for coconut pound cake are very basic, which you will find in any supermarket or baking supply stores.  When I baked this cake my ebire house was filled with the aroma of coconut. I would auggsug you to watch the vudoe on how to make this gorgeous Coconut pound cake and follow the instructions to achieve the same

So here’s the list of ingredients to make this amazing coconut pound cake.


1+3/4 cups of flour/maida
3/4 cups of coconut milk
3/4 cups of butter
1+1/2 cups of sugar
3 eggs
4-6 tablespoon of dessicated coconut
1 teaspoon of baking powder
And pinch of salt.

Step by step instructions

  1. In a mixing bowl take butter and sugar and suig a beater whisk till sugar is almost dissolved
  2. Once you get nice creamy butter mixture add 1 egg at a time and whisk for at least one minute for 1 egg
  3. Next add the baking powder, salt, desicated coconut and flour or maida to the egg and butter mixture
  4. Use a spoon or spatula to mix or Combine the ingredients
  5. Once you mix it throughly use the hand mixer and whisk all the ingredients making sure you don’t have any lumps of flour
  6. Next add the coconut milk and whisk for about 1 minute
  7. Pour the batter in a greased and lined baking pan
  8. Bake @ pre heated 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until the toothpick inserted comes out clean
  9. Once done, let the cake cool in the for about 10-15 minutes and then demould

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  • The butter I used in this recipe is unsalted and at room temperature. It is very important to have all your baking ingredients at room temperature to get nice fluffy texture
  • I used 3 egg but can use 2 or 4 eggs as well, as mentioned ealearl make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature including eggs. We usually keep eggs in the fridge and use it directly. Egg is one of important ingredient in baking and give you good results if you use it right way
  • Every oven is different, the time I mentioned might be more or less. It all depends on the size of your oven

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