Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

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Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala- Authentic Hyderabadi biryani masala is packed with flavours of whole spices, which makes the biryani masala authentic and different from the store-bought biryani masala. This homemade biryani masala powder can be used to prepare any BIRYANI like a Hyderabadi VEG DUM BIRYANI, easy CHICKEN BIRYANI IN  or a simple PANEER BIRYANIIt can also be used in curries of your choice.

A few of my Youtube Subscribers and my family friends asked me to post the recipe for Hyderabadi Biryani Masala. Therefore, I thought of posting the recipe. The taste of the Biryani depends on how we mix the marinade and the Biryani masala we use.

Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

Homemade Masala:

Various Masala or spice blends are used in Indian cuisine. Biryani masala powder is one of them. This masala recipe serves a dual purpose, as you can add it to both biryani and pulao recipes.

I do not buy readymade Biryani masala, as it will not give biryani an authentic taste in the outcome. Making Biryani masala is easy and is very convenient in price.

Today’s markets are flooded with readymade powders and masalas that many buy instead of preparing at home. 

The aroma of fresh homemade spice powder is always superior to the store-bought ones. It can be prepared in bulk and put in an airtight container and place in the fridge so that the aroma stays for long. It lasts for a year if packed in separate containers or foils and handled, including moist free spoons and hands.


Few suggestions for making biryani masala

  • Firstly take all the spices separately in a bowl or plate. Then check if they have stones, chaffs, or husks.
  • Make sure there is no hidden mould or fungi, or worms on them. If yes, then discard these spices.
  • Use fresh spices and not old ones.
  • Sundry or roast the spices in a pan or oven.

While using cinnamon, use the true cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon) and not cassia.


Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe:

For years I had been hunting for an excellent homemade biryani masala powder recipe that is suitable for home cooking that is not very aromatic nor very spicy but should have a pleasing and moderate aroma of spices. This recipe has been updated over time to make it better.

The original recipe that many of my blogger friends have tried from my blog is still the same, except that I have added new ingredients to make it the best. To reduce your dish from becoming pungent, use in moderate quantities.


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Homemade biryani masala powder video recipe:



Recipe card for homemade biryani masala powder:

Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

Biryani masala powder is a spice mix used to prepare fragrant biryani rice like chicken biryani or vegetable biryani, paneer biryani. It can also be used to make chicken masala curry.

  • 3 tbsp Cumin Seeds/ Jeera
  • 6 tbsp Coriander seeds/Dhaniya
  • 3 3 stone flowers or kalpaasi or dagad phool – medium sized
  • 3 Medium size Cinamon Stick
  • 10-15 pieces cloves
  • 2 Pieces Javitri
  • 2 tsp black pepper/kali Mirchi
  • 3 pieces Black Cardamom
  • 4-3 Bay Leaves
  1. Add coriander seeds and jeera to the mixer jar. and grind to a fine powder

  2. Now add all the other ingredients one by one to the jar and grind to a fine powder


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How to make biryani masala with step by step photo:

  1. Add coriander seeds and jeera to a mixer jar

Garam Masala

2. Grind coriander and jeera to a fine powder

Homemade masala

3. Now add all the other ingredients one by one to the jar.

Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

4. Grind all the ingredients to a fine powder

Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

5. Homemade Biryani Masala Powder Recipe | Hyderabadi Biryani Masala is ready to make your favorite biryani.



  • Clean the spices one after the other to pick and discard stones and debris. Wipe clean bay leaf, mace, and cinnamon stick with a cloth or tissue.
  • On a low flame, dry roast the spices each separately until they begin to smell good. You can skip roasting and just sun dry them for a few hours until crisp. Cool them completely. This step will increase the shelf life.
  • Add them to a blender jar or spice jar. Make a fine powder. They can also be milled to a fine powder in a mill.
  • Sieve and store biryani masala powder in an airtight glass jar. You can use the coarse particles to make masala tea. Biryani masala can also be frozen for a year without losing the flavour.
  • Use biryani masala powder as needed while making any biryani. To make chicken masala curry, use as required based on the recipe. 


Notes to make Biryani masala:

  1. Leftover coarse powder after sieving can be used for curries or for making masala tea. Do not use coarse masala for making biryani as it spoils your dish.
  2. Roasting and sun drying is done to bring out the spices’ aroma and prevent the masala powder from getting worms or going rancid.
  3. I don’t prefer to do step 2 when I make homemade biryani masala. 
  4. If you are going to refrigerate the powder, you can skip the roasting part. I take my spices right from the freezer, measure, and make the powder. The powder warms up on its own by the time it is finely powdered.
  5. Saunf or fennel seeds can be increased to 1 to 1.5 tbsps if you like the flavour.
  6. Mace is the outer membrane or aril surrounding the nutmeg. This recipe needs one full mace with several strands. Nutmeg usually comes with the shell. Do not mistake the shell of the nutmeg to be mace.

Alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe.

For best results, follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips above the recipe card.


Food for thought:

I noticed that the people who cook non-veg recipes regularly avoid using masalas(as masalas aren’t good for health). Few people who eat Non-Veg every day, they avoid a lot of masalas. They drop whole masala spices and cook the meat along with vegetables.
Biryani Masala and Pulao masala are almost the same. Nutmeg has a very intense flavour. It can dominate all the other flavours. So you need to add a small piece. This masala remains fresh for up to months. But it gradually loses the flavour. So I suggest making the masala in small quantities than making a large quantity at a time. I hope you try this masala.

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