Fondant Baby Topper

Fondant Baby Topper

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This lockdown thought me how to work, deal, and make different types of fondant figurines and one such is this fondant baby. I struggled a lot to make this initially, as I have not attended any classes, and many of you might be struggling just like I did, therefore I decided to create a series of fondant tutorial and to start with I bring to you this easy way to make Fondant Baby Topper.


fondant baby tutorial

To make this Fondant topper, you do not require any skills, since this is very simple to make. Although it looks difficult but trust me it pretty easy and anyone who does not have any knowledge of fondant can also make this topper.


Also you do not need any special tools to make this topper. you just need 3 tools or rather just 3 things to make the face of the baby topper.

Fondant Bab tutorial tools


What is Fondant?

Retailer purchased fondant may be fabricated from many issues however usually, it’s constituted of sugar, flavorings and a few form of gum (to make it stretchy). Relying on the precise mixture, your fondant texture can vary from tender and sticky to chewy and even powerful! I typically inform anybody who says they don’t just like the style of fondant that simply likes low cost grocery retailer chocolate in comparison with couverture, high quality issues. Not all fondant is made the identical!

Anybody can inform you that good fondant DOES exist.

You can make you own fondant here’s how!



Making No Gelatin No Agar Vegan Fondant is super easy when you have the right recipe and right ingredients. I have experimented with many many recipes and yes I wasted a lot of sugar just get the perfect recipe I was looking for and I nailed it. 

Step by step Fondant Baby Topper


  1. Take 15 grams of skin color fondant. Make a ball and flatten it a little
Baby tutorial


2. Make 2 holes for eyes using the tool, if you do not have a fondant tool, you can still make it using a toothpick.

3. Use the second tool to make the smile on the face.

4. Next take a small piece of fondant to make the nose and ears

5. Similarly take 2 small amount of fondant to make eyeballs



To make the body, you need blue fondant and some skin colour fondant to make the hands and legs of the baby.



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