Rose and Pistachios Chocolate Bars

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Rose and Pistachios Chocolate Bars are such an eaye recipe that kids can also make under parents or any elders supervision. I simply love these rose petals and Pistachios chocolate bars, becaieeit is not only an easiest chocolate recipe it give me the fresh taste we the these petals and nutty tast with pistachios of course. I preferred white chocolate in this recipe to show off the color of rose petals and Pistachios, but you can your dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white, basically anything of your choice.

These rose and Pistachios chocolate bars are amazing and melts in mouth. One more reason I used white chocolate in this recipe was that it gives that milky taste which is in these white chocolate. But as mentioned earlier you may use anything of your choice or anything which is easily available around you. For these rose and Pistachios chocolate bars you can eothei use fresh rose petals or dried ones. I used the dried one to make these Chocolates. The reason behind using the dried rose petals is to increase the shelf life of chocolates. If you use the fresh one your chocolates might get stale within a week.

These chocolate are best to gift your loved ones. I am sure they would love it, and who doesn’t love chocolate??? You can keep these chocolates for about 2 weeks. Let’s quickly check out the ingredients we need to make these mouth watering rose and Pistachios chocolate bars


200 grams of white chocolate
Dried rose petals

Pinch of salt
Sliced pistachios
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Step by step instructions to make these beauties
  1. Break the Chocolate into small pieces and melt it in microwave at 30 seconds interval, stir after every 30 seconds and again microwave
  2. Once chocolate has melted complete add salt and mix well
  3. Now add some dried rose petals and Pistachios to it and mix, keep some for garnish as well
  4. Now take a chocolate mould and pour half spoon of chocolate and sprinkle some rose petals and Pistachios to it and fell it completely
  5. Once you fill all the sections of the mould, tap a little so that the air bubbles disappear
  6. Keep it in fridge for 10 minutes. You lovely rose and Pistachios chocolate bars are ready to eat
Things to keep in mind while working with white chocolate
  • Make sure you use good quality chocolate this will improve the taste of what ever you making with chocolate 
  •  I used compound chocolate because it is one of the easiest thing to make anything with chocolate 
  •  It is very important to break the Chocolate in small pieces before you start melting. This will help the Chocolate to melt evenly
  • You can use double boiler method also to melt the Chocolate
  •  It is not necessary to have only rose petals or pistachios. You can use any topping to make these bars

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